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BPSK Simulation for AWGN & Rayleigh Channels

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BPSK Simulation for AWGN & Rayleigh Channels



12 Aug 2003 (Updated )

The MATLAB programs simulate the BPSK receiver.

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We simulate the generation of random variables r0 and r1, which constitutes the input to detector. We begin by generating a binary sequence of 0?s and 1?s that occur with equal probability and are mutually (statistically) independent. For this, we use a Random number generator that generates a uniform random number between 0 and 1. If the number generated is in range (0, 0.5), the binary source output is 0 else it is 1. if 0 is generated, then r0=E+n0 and r1=n1. if a 1 is generated r0=n0 and r1=E+n1.
The additive noise components n0 and n1 are generated by mean of two gaussian noise generators there means are zero and there variances, ó2 = E*N0/2. For convenience we take E=1(normalized value) and vary ó2 . The SNR (E/N0) is then equal to 1/2ó2. The detector output is compared with the binary transmitted sequence and an error counter is used to count the number of bit errors.

MATLAB release MATLAB 6.1 (R12.1)
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Comments and Ratings (48)
20 Mar 2013 Ammar Hadi

good work

08 Jan 2012 nikos mpairak

i am waiting for suggestions in matlab

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29 Jul 2011 Tito

Tito (view profile)

Lo analizare, estoy trabajando con sistemas MIMO y necesito modelar de forma muy precisa los canales. Gracias.

25 Nov 2008 yang lin

I need to come on

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14 Apr 2008 d d


02 Feb 2008 DAF ELMI

28 Jan 2008 jitendera singh

26 Jan 2008 iker mourad

i was information of parameter of agn

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07 Dec 2007 tadele shife

06 Dec 2007 rupali parulkar

24 Nov 2007 miral PATEL

its gonna be more fantasic if u provide the full description of both awgn and rayleigh fading channel

17 Nov 2007 keonil kim


11 Oct 2007 ramesh.s sakthievel

need improvement

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30 Sep 2007 n n

Good description

04 Jun 2007 Bigg butt

does anyone know where I can buy volleyballs?

12 May 2007 sajjad ali

this code will be used in developing of the the mobile model in simulink software

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07 May 2007 la da


02 May 2007 Ali Abedi


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02 May 2007 imran ahsan

29 Mar 2007 ravi kiran

hi .. i need bpsk transceiver program.. can u help me in that please.. plz reply to my mail..

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31 Dec 2006 Shyam Sundar

AH ah..a part of my project..looks good.

02 Dec 2006 han dong

It looks perfect

24 Nov 2006 ismail ali

my research

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24 Nov 2006 ismail ali

please send me any new in the field of matlab simulation of OFDM and CDMA

23 Nov 2006 kalle verdi

18 Nov 2006 Sameh Shawky

so good

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16 Mar 2006 Amenah Malik

This code needs improvement! Eb/No is being confused with S/N in rayleigh simulation.

06 Mar 2006 liu wei


30 Jan 2006 Mani Pradhan

great work!!!!!

29 Jan 2006 almas ahmed

but need more clear implementation i.e. i m new user BPSK for awgn....

28 Dec 2005 Kapil Bajaj

Good job Done , Keep it up , Good look for future

12 Dec 2005 wang jie

17 Nov 2005 ccc dd

13 Nov 2005 SHEKAR SUMAN

15 Sep 2005 gunci h

25 Jul 2005 ytt ytt

14 Jul 2005 Sriram Narayanan

Rajdeep this is an excellent job...continue right in this direction and sometime you shall receive that so called kick to rise up...all the best for your future....

08 Jun 2005 Francisco Castillo

04 Mar 2005 Elamaran M

dear sir,
iam doing the project in ofdm with bpsk modulation and performing the ber with, i have need of matlab program.

22 Dec 2004 ahmed alWhidi

17 Oct 2004 ali reza

12 Oct 2004 Frank Nnadi

i am presently writing a thesis in the use of MATLAB for calculating Bit-error rates of Uncoded BPSK System and coded BPSK system using. Where can i get self expalnatory material on this.

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27 Sep 2004 Roy Schestowitz

Nice picture, but what does it have to do with the code?

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15 Sep 2004 shravan adurukatla

i am doing project in spread spectrum,but i done know much about simulation in please some boby can help me with direct sequence spread spectrum simulation..please i am waiting forward for u'r reply..

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19 Aug 2004 Navy Wings

How about posting it under a more widely used file type?

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18 May 2004 hakan hýzaar


10 Oct 2003 srez liao

26 Aug 2003 lollo casasanta

30 Mar 2004


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