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Redraw existing plots to look like XKCD style plots



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XKCDIFY is tool for converting any plot to a XKCD style plot!

Create plots and style them using the standard Matlab functions and then convert the finished plot to an XKCD style plot!

XKCD iterates over the children of an axes and distorts them based upon their TYPE. If the type is LINE or PATCH it distorts. If the child is of type HGGROUP it then iterates on the sub-children of the hggroup.

% XKCDIFY( AXES ) re-renders all childen of AXES to have a hand drawn
% XKCD style,, AXES can be a single axes or a vector of axes

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Taylor (view profile)

Good, but needs some work. As Natan noted, the axes need to look less rigid. Similarly, a font change to something like Comic Sans (there's probably a better one) helps a ton.

Doesnt work as described since it requires more tools than described:

To use 'filtfilt', you might need:
filtfilt - Signal Processing Toolbox


Bug report:
xkcdify goes wrong when the original plot is in Log-Scale.


Jason (view profile)

Does this require the Statistics Toolbox? It seems to require the randsample function.


Natan (view profile)

Also interesting to see other approaches at the SO page:


Natan (view profile)

Well done! a couple of suggestions for improvement:

1. make the axes to also look hand drawn by overwriting them with your "cartoonify_line"...

2. Add the Humor-Sans font, that is available from

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MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)

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