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Simple Stock Ticker

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A simple stock ticker app written with a MATLAB class



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This app provides an example of how to use a MATLAB class to write a simple stock ticker which updates a plot of stock prices over time for a given ticker symbol.

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Alex Marvin

Nevermind, that change seems to be unnecessary.

Alex Marvin

Excellent submission for demonstrating apps, but I found one error.

Error of "Could not retrieve price for GOOG" can be resolved by updating the Yahoo Finance web address. Change line 94 to:

url = sprintf('',...

This is a great example of OO MATLAB highlighting encapsulation and bundling of code-data.

I personally think it is an important milestone, and great design-pattern to bring to MATLAB community. Thanks, David.


Mirko (view profile)

does not work for me. no error message.


Updated license


Minor documentation changes


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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)
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