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RELATIVEPATH returns the relative path from an actual path to the target path.

Both arguments must be strings with absolute paths. The actual path is optional, if omitted the current dir is used instead. In case the volume drive letters don't match, an absolute path will be returned.

If a relative path is returned, it always starts with '.\' or '..\'

rel_path = RELATIVEPATH( target_path, actual_path )

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M. Luppi


Igor (view profile)

One more bug - this function alway adds "\" on to the end of the result:

relativepath( 'c:\temp\1.txt', 'C:\temp') = '.\1.txt\'


Igor (view profile)

results in lowercase letters...


Lukas (view profile)

David Zhang

works great on mac, does it also work on windows?

David Zhang

David Zhang

Ano Nymous

worked fine, good examples

Changshun Deng

very good! many thanks!

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