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Add a scrollbar to scroll the x- or y-axis on one or more axes in a figure.

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Add a scrollbar to control the x- or y-axis on one or more axes. Input 1: axis handle(s), input 2: size of window when scrolling (optional, default is data range in plot divided by 10), input 3: 'x' or 'y' to specify if scrollbar should control the x- or y-axis (optional, default is 'x').

%Example 1: Use a scrollbar to view slices of 100 points of a sine curve at the time
addScrollbar( gca, 100 )
%To scroll the y-axis as well: addScrollbar( gca, 1, 'y' )
Example 2: Scroll/control multiple axes with one scrollbar:
figure;ax(1)=subplot(2,1,1);plot(1:1:10000,sin(1:1:10000));grid on;
ax(2)=subplot(2,1,2);plot(1:1:10000,sin([1:1:10000]+pi/2));grid on;
addScrollbar( ax, 10 )

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MATLAB 7.14 (R2012a)

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