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Raptor and Fountain Codes

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Implementation of both Reed-Solomon-based Raptor and (LT and Matrix) Fountain codes.



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File test.m is an example of usage. It performs both Fountain and Raptor codes. For the former, flag LTFlag controls Fountain implementation between LT Fountain (according to Lubi’s paper) and windowed random Matrix Fountain (according to Ian Blake paper). For the latter, Reed-Solomon outer code is used, which is ideal for erasure channel. No need for communication toolbox if not using Raptor.
File ReadMe.pdf includes additional notes.

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Good job

sandip kumar


please, i would like to plot the distribution , but the test.m file give me always 0.I do no how do that.any help please.thanks

ousmane fall

very good i would like to the BER


Toan (view profile)

Dear Sir, I think your G matrix has some problem. I see that G matrix of Raptor is simple than G matrix of LT code. In the raptor code, they use shokrollahi distribution. Is it correct?

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MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)
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