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PMSM simulation

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The simulink model of current controlled PMSM drive with constant torque control id=0.



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The simulation model contains the current controlled PMSM drive with 2-level SPWM and the 3-phase universal converter with dc bus system.
The mathematical model of motor is developed using park transformation matrix, which transformed the 3-phase variables abc into steady state dc signals dq0.
The PMSM drive system has double loops, the inner the current control and the outer loop with speed control. The simplest vector control is when id value is assumed zero (constant torque control ), in which the motor will operate efficiently upto rated speed.

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a a

a a (view profile)

It is like ACIM model without rotor block.))



What are the changes,we should do,If we have to make it as a Generator coupled with Wind turbine,please let me know.

Your Model is very good,hope you will reply to us.


Renato (view profile)

good the simulation of the motor PMSM, more easy of driver what the motor PMSM of SimpowerSystem.


peppa (view profile)

why your vector control different compared to other?from the motor current Ia and Ib should transfer to alpha beta and then to Id and Iq and compared to the Id and Iq actual?

Cheku Dorji

Hi MHz, plez refer literature on machine drives control system for clarification.


MHz (view profile)

Hi Cheku Dorji,
why output of PI controller is iq ref,while input's is speed error?

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