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Frequency Measurement

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To measure the frequency of AC supply



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useful for measure the frequency of variable frequency control of an induction motor drive.

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can you please name the output waves. which one is frequency? and in your model you can see the scope and scope1 what they represents?


Mr.Ahmed, You can download submission and verify the settings. thanks.

Adnan Ahmad

what value of gain should be selected.


hi, there is no extra settings to run this simulink if you have MATLAB 7.4. if your vertion not support mean try to develop like this model. can you pls say what mistake you got..


rencs (view profile)

hello!could you can give some explanation about your simulink module parameter Settings? after I run your progress,it indicates a mistake. I hope you can give a reply

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MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

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