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Convert from Lat Lon to OSGB coordinates



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[E, N] = LL2OS( LAT, LON ) returns OSGB UK National Grid coodinates E, N (easting and northing) for points given by latitude and longitude
Convert latitude/longitude => OS National Grid
(for inverse function see OS2LL)
Algorithm and constants from D00659 v2.1 Dec 2010 of
(c) Michael Fourman 2012

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Jon (view profile)

Thanks, useful script. I concur with Steve's suggested modification in his comment of 17/2/16, following my own checks against the September 2015 publication (v2.4) of the Ordnance Survey "A guide to coordinate systems in Great Britain"; everything else lines up. Overall a nicely written script.


Thanks for providing this useful facility. There is a bug on line 43, which should read N = I + II.* (lambda - lambda0).^2 + III .* (lambda - lambda0).^4 + IIIA .* (lambda - lambda0).^6 ; %C4. This then brings the code into alignment with the algorithm as published by Ordnance Survey


lll2os of os2ll(lat,lon) does not give the same latitude/longitude as is input. Can you check that?

See also OS2LL for conversion from National Grid to Lat Lon



description - minor edit


Now applies correctly to vector arguments.

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MATLAB 7.11.1 (R2010bSP1)

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