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MatLab Solutions: "Introduction to Digital Signal Processing: A Computer Laboratory Textbook".

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MatLab Solutions: "Introduction to Digital Signal Processing: A Computer Laboratory Textbook".



29 Oct 2012 (Updated )

These files are the MatLab solutions of exercises contained in the above DSP lab textbook.

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This textbook contains some interesting tutorial DSP exercises covering the following topics: 1) Discrete-Time Signals and Systems, 2) The DTFT, 3) Sampling and Quantization, 4) The z-Transform and 5) The DFT, FFT and some close relatives and applications. However in 1991, the interested reader was supposed to solve those exercises in a DOS environment. Working in DOS, incurred a lot of unnecessary hassle and waste of time. I decided to spend sometime and solve the most important/didactic exercises in MatLab in order to revive this remarkable DSP Lab text. As a bonus, I provide a routine for efficient STFT (spectrogram) computation.


This file inspired Sprint Race For Fast Butterflies, Asymptotic Behavior Of Sample Autocorrelation Function And Sample Based Power Spectral Density, and Beating Mat Lab's Convolution Function Conv.M For Long Real Sequences!.

Required Products Signal Processing Toolbox
Symbolic Math Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)
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22 Mar 2013 Batuhan Hangun  
07 Dec 2012 Ilias Konsoulas

Thanks a lot for your interest on my DSP m-file collection. Please provide your comments/suggestions/rating. Your feedback is valuable and will possibly drive future code improvements/corrections.

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10 Nov 2012 Lahcen

Lahcen (view profile)

Thank you

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30 Oct 2012 1.1

Minor text changes in the "Description" entry.

09 Nov 2012 1.3

Code vectorized for convolution and DFT computations. Also, some new exercises were added in Ch.2 and Ch.5.

25 Mar 2013 1.4

I have optimized the code in scripts shiftright.m and shiftdown.m. I have also included some new custom functions like my_IDCT.m , my_IDCT_2D.m , my_IFFT_2D.m.

28 Mar 2013 1.5

Corrected a bug in fastconv3.m script.

22 Apr 2013 1.6

Added new custom functions my_upsample and my_downsample. Also, improved the code in shiftright/shiftdown and DTFT computation functions. Corrected the x-axis labeling to several DTFT plots.

07 Oct 2013 1.7

Introduced new custom functions interoplator.m and decimator.m. Also, minor corrections to scripts.

25 Nov 2013 1.8

I provide a new routine for fast convolution computation of real sequences using the Discrete Hartley Transform (DHT). Also, I added a function for DHT calulation using the fft (my_DHT.m). This is way faster than the origiinals.

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