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MatLab Solutions: "Introduction to Digital Signal Processing: A Computer Laboratory Textbook".

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MatLab Solutions: "Introduction to Digital Signal Processing: A Computer Laboratory Textbook".



29 Oct 2012 (Updated )

These files are the MatLab solutions of exercises contained in the above DSP lab textbook.

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/Chapter 2/ex213.m
/Chapter 2/ex214.m
/Chapter 2/ex216.m
/Chapter 2/ex217.m
/Chapter 2/ex231.m
/Chapter 2/ex232.m
/Chapter 2/ex233.m
/Chapter 2/ex234.m
/Chapter 2/ex235.m
/Chapter 2/ex236.m
/Chapter 2/ex245.m
/Chapter 2/ex246.m
/Chapter 2/ex247.m
/Chapter 2/ex248.m
/Chapter 2/ex249.m
/Chapter 2/my_conv.m
/Chapter 2/my_conv2.m
/Chapter 2/ReadMe_Ch2.doc
/Chapter 2/shiftdown.m
/Chapter 3/bench_dtft.m
/Chapter 3/DTFT Benchmark Results.fig
/Chapter 3/ex311.m
/Chapter 3/ex3110.m
/Chapter 3/ex3111.m
/Chapter 3/ex312.m
/Chapter 3/ex314.m
/Chapter 3/ex315.m
/Chapter 3/ex316.m
/Chapter 3/ex317.m
/Chapter 3/ex318.m
/Chapter 3/ex319.m
/Chapter 3/ex321.m
/Chapter 3/ex322.m
/Chapter 3/ex323.m
/Chapter 3/ex324.m
/Chapter 3/ex331.m
/Chapter 3/ex332.m
/Chapter 3/ex333.m
/Chapter 3/my_DTFT.m
/Chapter 3/my_DTFT2.m
/Chapter 3/my_DTFT3.m
/Chapter 3/my_DTFT4.m
/Chapter 3/ReadMe_Ch3.doc
/Chapter 4/AD_DA.m
/Chapter 4/decimator.m
/Chapter 4/ex411.m
/Chapter 4/ex412.m
/Chapter 4/ex413.m
/Chapter 4/ex414.m
/Chapter 4/ex415.m
/Chapter 4/ex421.m
/Chapter 4/ex422.m
/Chapter 4/ex423.m
/Chapter 4/ex424.m
/Chapter 4/ex431.m
/Chapter 4/ex432.m
/Chapter 4/ex433.m
/Chapter 4/ex435.m
/Chapter 4/ex436.m
/Chapter 4/ex437.m
/Chapter 4/ex438.m
/Chapter 4/fraction_delay.m
/Chapter 4/fraction_delay3.m
/Chapter 4/fraction_sample.m
/Chapter 4/interpolator.m
/Chapter 4/my_CTFT.m
/Chapter 4/my_downsample.m
/Chapter 4/my_upsample.m
/Chapter 4/ReadMe_Ch4.doc
/Chapter 4/shiftright.m
/Chapter 4/uniform_quantizer.m
/Chapter 5/ex5110.m
/Chapter 5/ex5111.m
/Chapter 5/ex513.m
/Chapter 5/ex518.m
/Chapter 5/ex519.m
/Chapter 5/ex521.m
/Chapter 5/ex5210.m
/Chapter 5/ex522.m
/Chapter 5/ex524.m
/Chapter 5/ex525.m
/Chapter 5/ex527.m
/Chapter 5/ex528.m
/Chapter 5/ex541a.m
/Chapter 5/ex541b.m
/Chapter 5/ex542a.m
/Chapter 5/ex542b.m
/Chapter 5/ex542c.m
/Chapter 5/ex542d.m
/Chapter 5/ex542e.m
/Chapter 5/ex544.m
/Chapter 5/ex545a.m
/Chapter 5/ex545b.m
/Chapter 5/ex546.m
/Chapter 5/ReadMe_Ch5.doc
/Chapter 6/conv_DHT.m
/Chapter 6/conv_DHT2.m
/Chapter 6/diffft.m
/Chapter 6/ex611.m
/Chapter 6/ex612.m
/Chapter 6/ex613.m
/Chapter 6/ex614.m
/Chapter 6/ex621.m
/Chapter 6/ex622.m
/Chapter 6/ex623.m
/Chapter 6/ex624.m
/Chapter 6/ex625.m
/Chapter 6/ex626.m
/Chapter 6/ex631.m
/Chapter 6/ex632.m
/Chapter 6/ex633.m
/Chapter 6/ex634.m
/Chapter 6/ex635b.m
/Chapter 6/ex635c.m
/Chapter 6/ex636.m
/Chapter 6/ex637.m
/Chapter 6/ex641.m
/Chapter 6/ex642.m
/Chapter 6/ex643.m
/Chapter 6/ex644.m
/Chapter 6/ex645.m
/Chapter 6/ex651.m
/Chapter 6/ex653.m
/Chapter 6/ex654.m
/Chapter 6/ex655.m
/Chapter 6/ex656.m
/Chapter 6/fastconv.m
/Chapter 6/fastconv2.m
/Chapter 6/fastconv3.m
/Chapter 6/fastconvreal.m
/Chapter 6/fastconvreal2.m
/Chapter 6/fft241.m
/Chapter 6/fftreal.m
/Chapter 6/hartley.m
/Chapter 6/ifft241.m
/Chapter 6/ifftreal.m
/Chapter 6/ifftreal2.m
/Chapter 6/method2_idft.m
/Chapter 6/method3_idft.m
/Chapter 6/my_Co_IDCT.m
/Chapter 6/my_CZT.m
/Chapter 6/my_DCT.m
/Chapter 6/my_DCT_2D.m
/Chapter 6/my_DFT.m
/Chapter 6/my_DFT2.m
/Chapter 6/my_DHT.m
/Chapter 6/my_DHT2.m
/Chapter 6/my_DHT3.m
/Chapter 6/my_FFT_2D.m
/Chapter 6/my_IDCT.m
/Chapter 6/my_IDCT_2D.m
/Chapter 6/my_IDFT.m
/Chapter 6/my_IFFT_2D.m
/Chapter 6/my_Re_IDCT.m
/Chapter 6/overlap_add.m
/Chapter 6/overlap_save.m
/Chapter 6/overlap_save2.m
/Chapter 6/radix2fft.m
/Chapter 6/radix4fft.m
/Chapter 6/ReadMe_Ch6.doc
/Chapter 6/splitradixfft.m
/Chapter 6/test_fastconv3.m
/Chapter 6/test_idct.m
/Chapter 6/test_idct2D.m
/Chapter 6/test_ifft241.m
/Chapter 6/zero_phase_dft.m
/Chapter 6/zero_phase_dtft.m

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