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Optional function arguments

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Optional function arguments



Optional function arguments with default values: optndfts

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Optional function arguments with default values: optndfts

Allows optional arguments to be specified as name value pairs, and
  default values given for those augments not specified e.g.

function strt=demo(arg1,varargin) % insert values to replace defaults
strt=optndfts(varargin,'aa',1,'bb',2,'cc',3); % default values
return % optndfts returns a struct

ans =
    aa: 11
    bb: 22
    cc: 3

Result is a struct, input values can be list of name value pairs,
  cell array of name value pairs, or a struct.


This file inspired Linfitregsel Term Selection In Linear Regression, Greyboxbuild: Complete A Greybox Model, and Greyboxeval Model Quality Evaluation.

Required Products MATLAB
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)
Other requirements Will run in many earlier Matlab versions.
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