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Two's Complement Binary Strings

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Convert between binary fixed point two's complement strings and decimal numbers.



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These functions convert between binary strings and decimal numbers like the built-in MATLAB functions BIN2DEC and DEC2BIN but can accommodate negative integers (via two's complement) and fractional positive and negative numbers (via two's complement fixed point with a binary point in the string).

Note that many fractional numbers that can be represented with a finite number of fractional digits cannot be represented by a finite number of fractional bits (specifically non-powers-of-two fractions like 0.3), which means that FIX2DEC will not always exactly invert DEC2FIX.

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akshay rathod

error is showing if negative, it says the assumed datatyme must be integer type name

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b)

Inspired: DI-155 Acquisition V1.0

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