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Aerospace Trajectory Optimization Using Direct Transcription and Collocation

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Demonstrates the solution of an aerospace trajectory optimization problem.



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In the language of optimal control theory, this problem is a “continuous system with functions of the state variables prescribed at a fixed terminal time”. The numerical example given in the text is a continuous, low-thrust coplanar orbit transfer from Earth to Mars. The orbits of the planets are assumed to be circular and coplanar, and the total transfer time is about 193 days.

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Great walkthrough of direct transcription and collocation with a nice, simple example. Thanks!



Added main script (dto_trap_64bit.m) that uses the March 17, 2014 version of SNOPT.


Spelling correction of the title


Updated PDF document and several m-files. Now includes graphic display of the heliocentric planet orbits and transfer trajectory. PDF document includes new dimensional analysis section, trajectory diagram, etc.

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