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PicoScope 3000 Series - MATLAB Generic Instrument Driver

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PicoScope 3000 Series - MATLAB Generic Instrument Driver



07 Nov 2012 (Updated )

MATLAB Instrument Driver for use with PicoScope 3000A/B oscilloscopes

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File Information

The MATLAB® Generic Instrument Driver allows a user to acquire data from the PicoScope® 3000 Series High-Performance Oscilloscopes and control signal generator functionality. The data could be processed in MATLAB using functions from Toolboxes such as the Signal Processing Toolbox.
The driver was initially created using Instrument Control Toolbox v3.1.

The PS3000a_MATLAB_IC_Generic_Driver zip file includes the following:

- The MATLAB Generic Instrument Driver
- scripts that demonstrate how to call various functions in order to capture data in block and streaming mode, as well as using the signal generator

The example scripts provided in the zip file have been tested with a subset of the 2 and 4-channel oscilloscope ‘A’ and ‘B’ variants in the current PicoScope 3000 series range:

- PicoScope 3204A & B
- PicoScope 3205A & B
- PicoScope 3206A & B
- PicoScope 3207A & B

- PicoScope 3404A & B
- PicoScope 3405A & B
- PicoScope 3406A & B

The driver will work with the analogue channels of the PicoScope 320X MSO variants - a small modification is required for the signal generator. Instead please use the files and examples in the ps3000a_BETA folder which provides support for these devices as well as the new PicoScope 3200D, 3200D MSO, 3400D and 3400D MSO devices.

Please note that the driver will not work with the older PicoScope 3204, 3205, 3206, 3224 and 3424 devices.

For Microsoft Windows versions of MATLAB, the Instrument driver requires dynamic link library (dll) files which can be obtained by contacting and indicating if your version of MATLAB is 32 or 64-bit or by downloading the PicoScope 3000a Software Development Kit (SDK) from

For Linux versions of MATLAB (64-bit), the Instrument driver requires shared object library (so) files which can be obtained by contacting . The libps3000a and libpswrappers packages will also need to be installed by following the instructions available from

The mex -setup command may need to be run on your PC in order to select a compiler. For 64-bit versions of MATLAB on Microsoft Windows you will need to install the Microsoft Windows 7.1 SDK as per the instructions available from

The simplest method for installing the USB driver for the oscilloscope is to install the PicoScope 6 software which is also available for free from (Microsoft Windows version) or by following the instructions available from for Linux versions.

Please refer to the ‘MATLAB Instrument Driver for PicoScope 3000 A/B Series Function Guide’ pdf document in the root directory of the zip for further information on installing and running the examples, as well as the functions. The main PicoScope 3000A/B Series Programmer’s Guide in the SDK should also be referred to.

For further information on MATLAB and the Instrument Control Toolbox, please visit:

To view Pico Technology's Hardware Support page, please visit:

Please rate this Instrument Driver package and send any feedback or report bugs to

Required Products Instrument Control Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.4 (R2014b)
MATLAB Search Path
Other requirements 32-/64-bit version of MATLAB for Windows or 64-bit version of MATLAB for Linux. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1* or Linux Operating System. Latest version of the PicoScope 3000A SDK or Linux repository. * Not Windows RT
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Comments and Ratings (2)
15 May 2015 Jose Vazquez-Cabo

Hello. I have been using a PicoScope 3207B since last year. It was not easy to use in Matlab at the first (only under Windows), but now it's getting easier (both Windows and Linux). Good job.

14 Apr 2014 namita

namita (view profile)

Hello, I am Namita. I working on a project that uses a Picoscope 3424. I looked into the Generic driver above(but it says that it doesn't work with picoscope 3424)I have been trying to find generic driver software to run with it,in order to interface it with Matlab but till now have had no success. Kindly help me out with this problem. Any help would be appreciated.

Comment only
09 Nov 2012 1.1

Update to title and description.

14 Nov 2012 1.2

Updated devices that are not supported and note on the new PicoScope 320X MSO devices.

18 Oct 2013 1.4

Note regarding streaming mode capture added.

13 Feb 2014 1.5

Updated to list PicoScope 3000 Series models supported.

06 Jun 2014 1.6

Update to driver and improved block and rapid block examples. Added support for MATLAB 64-bit.

26 Nov 2014 1.7

- Fixed ps3000aSetBandwidthLimiter function.
- Added support for PicoScope 3207A/B on USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 connections.
- Added support for 64-bit Linux.

26 Nov 2014 1.8

Submitted as package.

15 Apr 2015 1.9

Added Beta package to support new PicoScope 3000 Series Oscilloscopes and Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes.

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