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Multi-Objective Optimization Differential Evolution Algorithm

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Multi-Objective Optimization Differential Evolution Algorithm



Runs a basic Differential Evolution (DE) algorithm for multi-objective optimization.

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File Information

This Toolset comprises of the following files:

1) MODEparam.m

Generates the required parameters to run the MODE optimization algorithm.

2) MODE.m

Runs the optimization algorithm. It implements a basic multi-objective optimization algorithm based on Diferential Evolution (DE) algorithm:

"Storn, R., Price, K., 1997. Differential evolution: A simple and efficient heuristic for global optimization over continuous spaces. Journal of Global Optimization 11, 341 – 359."

When one objective is optimized, the standard DE runs; if two or more objectives are optimized, the greedy selection step in DE algorithm is performed using a dominance relation.

3) CostFuntion.m

The cost function to optimize.

Required Products MATLAB
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)
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Comments and Ratings (4)
10 Aug 2013 Rangasamy Kotteeswaran

very nice code. i want to use this code for 4 objectives. what are the changes should i made? some how i tried but not getting the optimum solution. i may be wrong. that is why i am confirming

08 Mar 2013 jiang

jiang (view profile)

14 Dec 2012 Gilberto Reynoso-Meza

I am afraid that, when I got that kind of error while using my MOEA's with outputs from simulink, I followed the indications and I started to use Level 2-S functions. With the provided MatLab template is more or less easy re-write the code. Sorry I can not be of more help!

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14 Dec 2012 Rangasamy Kotteeswaran

i am getting an answer shown below while running MODEparam.m file. can anyone solve this

??? Error using ==> CostFunction> myfile at 74
The specified M-File 'myfile' in myfile/S-Function' is not a valid Level
1 S-Function. The number of input and/or output arguments is not valid. A likely cause for
this error is that the name of a level-2 M-file S-function has been specified in this block
(which supports only level-1 M-file S-functions). Use the 'Level-2 M-file S-Function' block
from the Simulink library.

Error in ==> CostFunction at 33

Error in ==> MODE at 73
JxParent = mop(Parent,MODEDat);

Error in ==> MODEparam at 85
OUT=MODE(MODEDat); % Run the algorithm.

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