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Normalized Normal Constraint (NNC) algorithm for multi-objective optimization

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This code implements a NNC algorithm for multi-objective optimization.



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This Toolset comprises of the following files:

1) NNCparam.m

Generates the required parameters to run the NNC optimization algorithm.

2) NNC.m

Runs the optimization algorithm. This code implements the NNC algorithm for 2 and 3 objectives as described in:

A. Messac, A. Ismail-Yahaya and C.A. Mattson. The normalized normal
constraint method for generating the Pareto frontier structural and
multidisciplinary optimization Volume 25, Number 2 (2003), 86-98.

3) OPTroutine.m
Implements the optimization routine for NNC algorithm.

4) CostFuntion.m
The cost function to optimize

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Fan Zhang


pooya pooya

Hi Dear Gilberto Reynoso Meza
thanks for your NNC code,I use it.
but have problem with it,I can't understand what i have write "OPTroutine" in "NNCparam.m".
if it is possible for you , give me an example of simple multi objective problem with using this code.
thanks alot.

It is possible; in that case, you would have to re-write the step 3 (Utopia line vector) and step 5 (utopia linea points) accordingly to your desired number of objectives. When dealing with more than 3 objectives, I use usually an evolutionary algorithm instead of the NNC; a local optimization routine could be always used at the end of the evolutionary optimization process, to improve convergence.

using this matlab code could it be possible to handle more than 3 objectives. if so, how this could be done.



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