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APM2 Simulink Blockset

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APM2 Simulink Blockset



Simulink blockset for use with the ArduPilot Mega 2.0 hardware. Includes blocks to read external rad

function sl_customization(cm)
% SL_CUSTOMIZATION for Arduino PIL connectivity config

% Copyright 2008-2010 The MathWorks, Inc.


% local function
function config = loc_createSerialConfig

config = rtw.connectivity.ConfigRegistry;
config.ConfigName = 'Arduino connectivity config using serial';
config.ConfigClass = 'arduino.ConnectivityConfig';

% matching system target file
config.SystemTargetFile = {'arduino.tlc'};

% match any template makefile
config.TemplateMakefile = {};

% match any hardware implementation
config.TargetHWDeviceType = {};

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