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CELP codec

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This is a code to demonstrate CELP codecs of bitrate 9.6kbps and 16kbps.



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Run only the "CELP_RUN" file.

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Ramsha Zafar

Can u please provide me the compiled algorithm?
All these functions need to be included in the algorithm?

Thanks a lot sir for sharing matlab programming on CELP Coder 9.6kbps and 16 kbps.sir, I am pursuing M.Tech project on CELP Coder.I was searching matlab code for this from long time.I got this which is written by you.Sir, heartly thanks for this .Kindly please provide some links or referances so that i can understand this.
With best regards,
Priyatam kumar.
IIT(ISM)Dhanbad.-M.Tech 2nd year.

sir can you privide me the algorithm that you implement in the code?

How did u determine Pidx =[16 160] ?


LRM (view profile)

don quixote

could this algorithm be created in simulink?


MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)

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