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Video 2 frame conversion is an easy way to doing.First reading video file and writing into frames.



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Video 2 frame conversion is an easy way to doing in MATLAB. First reading the video file and writing into several frames.Run the video2frame.m code to see the demo.

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PARUL (view profile)

there is some problem when i use this code.

the error is--

??? Error using ==> imwrite at 457
Can't open file "1.jpg" for writing.
You may not have write permission.


Piotr (view profile)

Quite useful thanks

Harish Babu

if mmreader() is not working in your version replace it by VideoReader().
Please use Matlab R2010a or R2011a software.

Mubin Bagwan

Sir I am using MATLAB 7.0
the function 'mmread()' not working please guide about this

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)

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