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Snakes & Ladders Game

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Run to ladders and beware snakes.

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This file performs the famous game of Snakes & Ladders. The rules of the Game are:

- Two players may participate
- The board is shown in the figure window
- Every player throws the die in his turn by pressing (Enter)
- You move on the board as
- Your die number says:
* If You meet a Ladder, just Climb it
* If You meet a Snake, just Go down with it
- The player who reachs The place No: 100 first IS THE WINNER

Enjoy Your Play !!!

Comments and Ratings (16)

Ashan Peiris

This is really good. :)

Waow! Really kool

ray bheh

i like this game

shady mankarious

ahmed ghanem


Anantha krishnan

Similar Game can be prepared exclusively for diabetic patients to bring an awareness among them. The content in each square will be diabetes related points. The patients will learn all scientific points while playing this game.

janu 143

It's very nice.

cvbvbfgffbgfvb bfvgfhbhgf

it was awsome lol


michael dionzon

nice works..... but it needs to improve or to make new version and it will give more climax and excitement in to the plater

madhu n

good game
implemented nicely...

ali ahmed

thats a good game

fady atef

emad guirguis

hayel ya mina...go on pls:)

Mohamed Amenn

Best Stuff Comes from Great People

Mina Saleh

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