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Repeating Ground Track Orbit Design

  • atan3four quadrant inverse tangent
  • brentsolve for a single real root of a nonlinear equation
  • eqxrathis function computes the intermediate right ascension
  • erotthis function returns the value of the earth rotation angle
  • etilt1this function computes quantities related to the orientation
  • funargthis function computes fundamental arguments (mean elements)
  • gast4this function computes the greenwich sidereal time
  • get_utc_timeinteractive request and input of universal coordinated time
  • getdateinteractive request and input of calendar date
  • getoe(ioev)interactive request of classical orbital elements
  • gravityfirst order equations of orbital motion
  • julianJulian date
  • kepler1solve Kepler's equation for circular,
  • kozai1analytic orbit propagation
  • nut2000_lplow precison nutation based on iau 2000a
  • obliq(t)function to compute mean obliquity of the ecliptic in arcseconds
  • orb2eci(mu, oev)convert classical orbital elements to eci state vector
  • readgm(fname)read gravity model data file
  • repeat_eqmfirst order equations of orbital motion
  • rkf78solve first order system of differential equations
  • rpt2func(x)rz objective function
  • rpt4fun1delta-fundamental interval objective function
  • sun2precision ephemeris of the Sun
  • times_novasthis function computes the terrestrial time (tt) julian date
  • repeat1.m
  • repeat2.m
  • repeat3.m
  • repeat4.m
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Repeating Ground Track Orbit Design


David Eagle (view profile)


19 Nov 2012 (Updated )

Four MATLAB scripts for designing and analyzing repeating ground track orbits.

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Scripts include (1) time to repeat ground track (nodal period) using Kozai orbit propagation, (2) time to repeat ground track using numerical integration (3) required mean semimajor axis using Wagner's algorithm and (4) required osculating semimajor axis using numerical integration.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.14 (R2012a)
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Comments and Ratings (2)
13 Oct 2016 MatTsing

very good work, useful pdf document

23 Jul 2015 HENRY XSCC

06 Sep 2013 1.1

Updated algorithms and PDF document. Added fourth MATLAB script for estimating osculating semimajor axis.

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