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GUI for Hybrid Sudoku Solver

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A simple GUI to solve Sudoku puzzles. Uses both logical and bruteforce methods.



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--The zip file contains three .M files; they are "Sudoku_GUI2.m", "BruteForce.m" and "SudokuSolver.m"
--Sudoku_GUI2.m is the file that creates the GUI. When the user presses the [Solve] button, the program will call SudokuSolver.m to solve the puzzle, SudokuSolver.m will in turn call Bruteforce.m if necessary to calculate the answer.
--The "hybrid" in the name comes from the fact that the solver uses both logical and bruteforce methods to find the solution.
--You may wish to replace SudokuSolver.m with your own solver. All you need to do is to change one line in Sudoku_GUI2.m Read the file comments for more details.
--"0" can be entered to represent an empty cell.
--The program is smart enough to catch conflicting or illegal entries.
--Using the tab key is a fast way to navigate through the cells.
--Normal newspaper variety puzzles can be solved in under 0.2 seconds. Specially designed "hard" puzzles may take from 2 to 100 seconds to solve. (Results from a P4 3.0 GHz computer)

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MATLAB 7.2 (R2006a)

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