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Gradation curve of soil is very important to determine many soil properties.



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Gradation is a classification of a coarse-grained soil that ranks the soil based on the different particle sizes contained in the soil. Soil gradation is an important aspect of soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering.

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message your Email id/facebook/Skype id.....we can discuss there...
mine is


its 7.1

which version u r using ??


its not working for me and this is an example of the errors am getting,.gradation_soil_with_graph at 42.gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:}); what should i do?

Ok thanks.

I downloaded this code from here only and tried in my PC. Its working fine.
Please follow these instruction and then tell me:-
1.First of all download file
2.Then run .m(code file) file, Don't run .fig file
3.Then you will see GUI on your screen
4.Enter your input on white blank space and click on Calculate button
5.finally you will get result with plot.

If you still having problem then tell me i will upload a video so that you can follow.

curve did not occur

Could you tell me that what actually happening like
1->No plotting is there
2->plotting is there but its wrong

That's good submission but i could not
accomplish to plot gradation curve.



new photo is updated

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