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Select Connected Components in N-D Array

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Select objects in binary N-D array. Can replace Matlab's "bwselect" which is limited to 2D matrices.



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This function selects object(s) in binary N-D array. It can replace Matlab's "bwselect" (minus the interactive mode) which is limited to 2D matrices.

Xin - input N-D array. Required.
conn - connectivity definition, can be either a scalar or connectivity array, with same number of dimensions as the input array. If empty or omitted, conn will be set to scalar 3^ndims(Xin)-1.

I or I1, I2, ... - selected indices (single linear index or series of subscripts for each dimension of the input array.

Xout - Output N-D array (same size as Xin), with only the connected-components objects which overlap the indices set.

Examples for usage can be seen in the "testSuite.m" file. The image above is the result of running the test suite 2D part.

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Amarjot (view profile)

Thanks for you help!! the codes works. I appreciate your help!


Amarjot (view profile)

I am trying to use your code to remove false edges or unconnected edges in my image but when i am applying the code the output is black. I am not sure if i am doing some thing wrong. can you please suggest? I emailed you regarding the same.


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MATLAB 7.14 (R2012a)

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