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MATLAB Versions of NOVAS

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Several NOVAS Fortran subroutines have been ported to MATLAB.



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MATLAB versions of several NOVAS (Naval Observatory Vector Astrometry Software) subroutines. A MATLAB script that demonstrates how to compute sidereal time using these functions is provided. Additional info about NOVAS, including documentation, can be found at

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When using jplephem how do you set ephname to DE430 and what format should it be in? I want to use apstar to find the high precision position of a star.

Thanks very much, The code help me to calculate star's position. Really thanks !!!!!

astcon is required and not provided



Added new functions; apstar, tpstar, applan, tpplan, place, etc.


Added additional NOVAS-based MATLAB functions to the archive.

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MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)

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