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Optimal Impulsive Orbital Transfer

Optimal Impulsive Orbital Transfer


David Eagle (view profile)


27 Nov 2012 (Updated )

MATLAB script for the solution of the one and two impulse orbit transfer between two Earth orbits.

pvector (ri, vi, x)
function [pvm, pvdm] = pvector (ri, vi, x)

% primer vector and derivative magnitudes

% required by oota_matlab.m

% Orbital Mechanics with MATLAB


global mu pvi pvdi

% compute state transition matrix at current time x

[rf, vf, stm] = stm2(mu, x, ri, vi);

% evaluate primer vector fundamental equation

ppdot = stm * [pvi'; pvdi];

% extract primer vector and primer derivative vector

pv = ppdot(1:3);

pvd = ppdot(4:6);

% compute primer vector magnitude

pvm = norm(pv);

% compute primer derivative magnitude

pvdm = dot(pv, pvd) / pvm;

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