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Hybrid Differential Evolution Algorithm With Adaptive Crossover Mechanism

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An EA based on DE with adaptive crossover rate, population refresh and local search.

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This Toolset comprises of the following files:

1) DE_TCR.m
Runs the optimization algorithm. This code implements a version of
the DE_TCR algorithm described in:

G. Reynoso; J. Sanchis; X. Blasco; Juan M. Herrero. Hybrid DE Algorithm
With Adaptive Crossover Operator For Solving Real-World Numerical
Optimization Problems. In IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation.
CEC 2011. (ISBN 978-1-4244-7833-0). New Orleans (USA). June 2011.

2) RunTutorial.m
Runs and publish in html format the Tutorial.m file.

3) Tutorial.m
A quick reference tutorial for the DE_TCR algorithm.

4) DE_TCRparam.m
Generates the required parameters to run the DE_TCR algorithm.

5) LocalSearch.m
Runs the Local search routine.

6) CostFuntion.m
The cost function to optimize.

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yakup cicek

gives errors



%% Release and bug report:
November 2012: Initial release
19th. April 2013: Bug in Re-Initialization ranges was fixed in file DE_TCR.m

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)

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