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Rectangle or/and ellipse shape selection tool that can easily be extended for your needs.

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This rectangle and ellipse graphical interface selection tool allows you to make any number of selection you want on an image your provide. You can then resize, move or delete those selections. When you quit the application, the coordinates of the first corner and the width and height of each selection is returned.
It's then pretty straighforward to get the inside pixels coordinates for each of the selection. Contact me if you need help on this.
Read the documentation at the beginning of the code.
>> selectROI() %will run the application using default picture and selection

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Xinyan Fan

Thank you for this script. Now, I would like to change the operation of the ROI selection based on your script. Could I know how to select ROIs with given size square that I could only click one time when selecting each ROI. Really forward to your reply.



Fixed bug when using random key instead of Delete/backspace and removed useless files (used by SVN).

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