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Mining Economics with MATLAB

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Simulates a distribution of Net Present Values of a mine via a forecasting model for Iron Ore Prices



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Committing to the development of a new mine involves huge amounts of capital expenditure and long time frames. In order to make optimal decisions, it is crucial to understand the future economic potential of a mine, and associated risks. Traditional spread sheet solutions, that use “average values” or “simplistic distributions”, often mean inaccurate models of the risk/return profile.

In this example we will showcase how MATLAB® can be used to develop and formalise a process for more detailed modelling of the future economic cash flow of a mine, based on historical data and producing distributions of a range of possible economic outcomes.

This example will highlight how MATLAB can be used to perform:

Net Present Value distribution analysis of a mine

Modelling and simulation of future prices and interest rate paths

Risk Assessments based on distribution of economic outcomes.


Excel Version: demo_mining.xlsm
(View README for steps to setup)

MATLAB Version: NPV_Analysis.m

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