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Thermodynamic Fluid Properties



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A project inspired by the need to replicate some of the capabilities of Modelica.Media within Matlab, based on the "NASA Glenn Coefficients for Calculating Thermodynamic Properties of Individual Species".

The tools currently provide two key features:
•computation of thermodynamic properties (enthalpy, entropy, chemical potential, cp etc) of mixtures of chemical species as a function of temperature.
•computation equilibrium compositions based on a given chemical reaction system
Test cases include:
•Steam Methane Reforming
•Haber process
•Boudouard carbon formation
•Computation of standard electrode potential for a H2 fuel cell
•Steam/water two-phase model
•Methane combustion

A live project for this code base can be found at

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Sayyed Ahmad

Your program is simply elegant and simply efficient! Thank you so much.

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