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A MATLAB Script for Predicting Solar Eclipses

  • aberatthis function corrects position vector for aberration of light.
  • anglesthis function converts a vector to angular quantities
  • applan1this function computes the apparent geocentric or topocentric place
  • atan3four quadrant inverse tangent
  • brentsolve for a single real root of a nonlinear equation
  • brootbracket a single root of a nonlinear equation
  • deg2dmsconvert decimal degrees to degrees,
  • etilt1this function computes quantities related to the orientation
  • findleap(jdate)find number of leap seconds for utc julian date
  • funargthis subroutine computes fundamental arguments (mean elements)
  • gast2this function computes the greenwich sidereal time
  • gdateconvert Julian date to Gregorian (calendar) date
  • geocenthis function moves the origin of coordinates from the
  • getdateinteractive request and input of calendar date
  • getobsinteractive request of observer coordinates
  • hrs2hmsconvert decimal hours to hours,
  • jd2str(jdate)convert Julian date to string equivalent
  • jplephemreads the jpl planetary ephemeris and gives
  • julianJulian date
  • minimaone-dimensional minimization
  • nutate1this function nutates equatorial rectangular coordinates from
  • nutationnutation in longitude and obliquity
  • oevent1predict minimization/root-finding orbital events
  • precessthis function precesses equatorial rectangular coordinates from
  • readleapread leap seconds data file
  • seclevntpredict solar eclipse circumstances
  • seclfunc(x)solar eclipse objective function
  • seclprt(iflag, jdutc)print solar eclipse conditions
  • solsyspurpose
  • sunfldthis function corrects position vector for the deflection
  • tdtimesthis function computes the terrestrial time (tt)
  • terrathis functions computes the position and velocity vectors of
  • utc2tdtconvert UTC julian date to TDT julian date
  • seclipse.m
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A MATLAB Script for Predicting Solar Eclipses


David Eagle (view profile)


07 Dec 2012 (Updated )

Predict local circumstances of solar eclipses.


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