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Geodesic projections for an ellipsoid

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Geodesic projections for an ellipsoid



07 Dec 2012 (Updated )

Four map projections based on geodesics

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This package is now DEPRECATED. Its functionality has been incorporated
    GeographicLib toolbox

This package includes four geodesic projections
  * the azimuthal equidistant projection
  * the Cassini-Soldner projection
  * the transverse Mercator projection
  * the ellipsoidal gnomonic projection
These improve upon the projections of the MATLAB mapping toolbox in the
following respects:

  * the azimuthal equidistant and gnomonic projections are generalized
    to work with an ellipsoidal model of the earth;
  * the domain of applicability of the transverse Mercator and
    Cassini-Solder projections is greatly expanded.

The ellipsoidal gnomonic projection is an azimuthal projection about a
center point. All geodesics through the center point are projected into
straight lines with the correct azimuth relative to the center point.
In addition, all geodesics that pass close to the center point are very
nearly straight. It is derived in Section 8 of

  C. F. F. Karney, Algorithms for geodesics,
  J. Geodesy 87, 43-55 (2013);

The implementation of the transverse Mercator projection is based on

  C. F. F. Karney, Transverse Mercator with an accuracy of a few
  nanometers, J. Geodesy 85, 475-485 (2011);

The functions provided are EQDAZIM_FWD, EQDAZIM_INV, CASSINI_FWD,

The Cassini-Solder and transverse Mercator projections are useful for
large scale maps. The primary importance of the other two projections
is that they offer a convenient way of solving various geometrical
problems on the ellipsoid. In particular, the azimuthal equidistant
projection allows problems associated with determining maritime
boundaries to be solved easily. Similary the gnomonic projection allows
the intersection of two geodesics to be determined quickly.

This package depends on the MATLAB File Exchange package "Geodesics on
an ellipsoid of revolution" for performing the necessary geodesic

Use GEODPROJ to obtain a more detailed description.


Geodesics On An Ellipsoid Of Revolution and Geographiclib inspired this file.

Required Products MATLAB
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.1 (R2013a)
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13 Jan 2014 Peter Manley-Cooke

After downloading the earlier submission by this author (as indicated at the bottom of the description), this program provides instant answers. Well Done.

13 Jan 2014 Peter Manley-Cooke

Line one of the Description should contain the information that the mapping toolbox is required for this submission.

Comment only
14 Dec 2012

Update to GeographicLib 1.28. Includes minor documentation fixes.

16 Jan 2013

Update journal reference.

02 Jul 2013

Add "acknowledgement" style reference to 39108.

02 Oct 2014

Fix typo in description.

21 Nov 2014

Offer as toolbox

27 Apr 2015

Deprecation notice. Use the GeographicLib toolbox instead.

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