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Restore project status for selected project

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Restores search path and reopens editor files for selected folder/project during startup/restart

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Select from projects stored in separate folders when startup.m is run including when Matlab starts.

Restores search path and reopens editor files for the selected folder/project.

Place startup.m and finish.m in a folder (e.g. documents/Matlab), set Matlab "Path" to this folder, and save path (normally do not change saved path after this). Also in this folder (or elsewhere) place working folders for your various projects.

When Matlab starts startup.m runs and asks you to select a working folder or create a new folder. Then when Matlab quits or you rerun startup.m, the search path and names of open files are saved in files savedpath.mat and savededit.mat. If a folder is reopened using startup.m these files
are used to restore the search path and reopen the editor files ready for you to continue where you left off.

Folders on the Matlab saved search path remain open, and any additional folders added to the path for a particular project are added to the current path when that project/folder is selected in startup.m.

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MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)

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