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OFDM Sparse Channel estimation

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BER performance of LSE and sparse channel estimation for OFDM system.



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In this code, the BER performance of a system which uses sparse channel estimation is compared with a system which uses LSE channel estimation. It is shown that using sparse technique improves the performance of the system

In order to run this code you have to install the cvx from the following web page :
cvx is a tool for convex optimization problems. To install the cvx simply download it and save the unzip folder in the MATLAB working directory, and from the unzip folder run cvx_setup.m. Then, you can run this mfile.

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shipeng yan

hello sir,
I have some questions for your code.
Firstly,the Modulation order ofdm.M=4,but the function biterr requires the number of bits.In other words,it should be 2.So I think the argument for the function biterr should use 2 rather than ofdm.M=4.

ju yang

hello sir,
could you please tell me what is the dictionary you are referring to?can you recommed me some papers explaining dictionary?..thank you very much

hello sir,
can you please tell me what is the dictionary you are referring to?I want to use Ped B channel model


hello sir,
could you guide line me ,what should i do for ofdm channel estimation using filter bank and also dct instead of fft. i just starting my work but still not on right track.m also searching estimation using compressive sensing,m also download cvx tool but yet not working..

kuet khulna

Tuncay Eren


chen (view profile)

I have learned a lot frome your file. Adding more flexibility to the channel generation will make your code perfect.

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