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Displays 3 orthogonal slices from a 3D volume with optional overlay.



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overlayVolume interactively shows three orthogonal slices from a 3D volume, with optional overlay. Display ranges, colormaps, transparency and the pixelsize can be changed.
Volumes of interest can be drawn, and plotted. Scrolling through the images is possible with the mouse wheel.
The function is especially useful for the display of medical images.
Try "help overlayVolume" for some examples.

Displays a 3D datasets V1, and an overlay dataset V2, with default display settings.4D datasets are also supported.
Displays one 3D dataset VOL1
Displays 3D datasets with addional user specified display settings. Settings should be provided as parameter name - value pairs.

Optional parameters:
- backRange: Display range of background data as [lower, upper]. Default: [lowest value in data, highest value]
- backMap: Colormap of the background as Nx3 matrix or standard colormap name (e.g., 'jet'). Default: gray(256)
- overRange: Display range of overlay data as [lower, upper]. Default: [lowest value in data, highest value]
- overMap: Colormap of the overlay as Nx3 matrix or cmap name. Default: jet(256)
- alpha: Transparency of the overlay as scalar between 0 and 1. Default: 0.5
- maskRange: Range of values in the overlay that will be displayed as [LO, HI]. That is, all values lower than LO, and all values higher than HI will not be shown. Default: []
- pixelSize: Pixel size of the three dimensions as [x,y,z]. Default: [1 1 1]
- title: Adds a name to the windows [char array]

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Konrad (view profile)



Almost complete rewrite of the code, it's faster now, and supports volumes of interest and different view modes



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MATLAB 8.4 (R2014b)

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