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MATLAB Simulations for Radar Systems Design

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MATLAB Simulations for Radar Systems Design


Bassem Mahafza (view profile)


11 Sep 2003 (Updated )

MATLAB Simulations for Radar Systems Design

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Comprehensive set of *.m files and function, including GUI, to calculate and plot Radar design and analysis issues. This include, the radar equation, radar waveform analysis, pulse compression, matched filter, stretch processing, HRR, phased arrays, Kalaman filter, MTI, clutter analysis, Swerling models and Pd calaculations,PRN and Barker codes, SAR, etc.

Required Products Signal Processing Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 6.5 (R13)
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Comments and Ratings (98)
16 Jun 2016 John

John (view profile)

14 Feb 2016 aladdinddin

07 Sep 2015 balaji

balaji (view profile)

13 Sep 2014 LI

LI (view profile)

04 Jun 2014 Chad Greene

Chad Greene (view profile)

As seen on TV. (

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29 Jan 2014 Almir Vardo

04 Aug 2013 binh

binh (view profile)

22 Apr 2013 mae hussain

hi everyone.. i need a program about radar in NXT lego by matlab.. can any one help me..

15 Apr 2013 fery gus


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03 Apr 2013 Arslan Munir

we are working on pulse radar... so we need simulation for our final year project., can any budy help us??
plz contact:

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27 Dec 2012 Anil

Anil (view profile)

i am looking for matlab pgm forsimulation of basic radar techniques. can someone guide/help me on the same

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25 May 2012 musab

musab (view profile)

21 Apr 2012 Divyesh Varade

Hey folks, can you temme if its perfectly usable to simulate a SAR image by pasting the SAR pattern of a flat roofed building on a gray background to generate multiple images to test a change detection algorithm.

Do you know of any such codes, Plzzzzzzzz inform me!

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02 Nov 2011 Abhijeet Anand

Can any one tell me how dis project can be implemented the input data can be collected and how the input signal and output signal will be formed

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05 Sep 2011 Abhijeet Anand

I want the detailed copy of this project ..if any1 could help me in this ....then plz do it soon email :-

17 May 2011 rfdianlu

31 Dec 2010 Basu Dev Aryal

05 Oct 2010 Mohit Dutt

This article is good but frnds any one help me. My Prob is how to simulate the Heliostat based Sun Tracking System in Matlab. any information Please mail me. My Id is

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01 Mar 2010 udaya lakshmi

can u give me a matlab program for generating ambiguity function of barker codes..plz..

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22 Nov 2009 zhang wei

15 Jul 2009 zheng zhou

Hi, does anyone have the codes for STAP?? if u do please email it to much appreciated it.

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20 Feb 2009 irshad ali ansari

its veru interesting i see n read but i want to know more about this plz can u send me detail copy of this plzz
my mail id is

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18 Feb 2009 Jeda Sulong

is there anyone know how to build system using mathlab?

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03 Jan 2009 Chao HAN


14 Nov 2008 sherif elgamel

hi Jim Can
u found anyone to help u
if u found or u got the codes
plz try to contact me

05 Nov 2008 Narottam Das


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14 Oct 2008 mar tuddao


22 Jul 2008 Amir Shmuel

07 Jun 2008 arghya Guchhait

clutter_rcs_gui is not working.
it is giving some errors:
??? Undefined function or variable 'Rmin'.

Error in ==> clutterrcsgui at 1
if (Rmin == Rmax)

??? Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback

??? Undefined function or variable 'Rmin'.

Error in ==> clutterrcsgui at 1
if (Rmin == Rmax)

??? Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback

??? Undefined function or variable 'Rmin'.

Error in ==> clutterrcsgui at 1
if (Rmin == Rmax)

??? Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback

??? Undefined function or variable 'Rmin'.

Error in ==> clutterrcsgui at 1
if (Rmin == Rmax)

??? Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback

??? Undefined function or variable 'Rmin'.

Error in ==> clutterrcsgui at 1
if (Rmin == Rmax)

??? Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback

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13 May 2008 Sahan Fernando

matched_filter.m doesn't work properly it gives these errors

Error in ==> matched_filter at 5
time_B_product = b * taup;

??? Input argument "b" is undefined.

Error in ==> matched_filter at 4
time_B_product = b * taup;

??? Input argument "b" is undefined.

Error in ==> matched_filter at 4
time_B_product = b * taup;

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22 Apr 2008 han dong

wow,you did a good job.

05 Mar 2008 cuong le doan


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04 Feb 2008 RAJ K


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03 Feb 2008 sear maj

30 Jan 2008 sudhagar ps

17 Jan 2008 Waddah Al-Ashwal

To Tiger Tiger,
What should he do he's the auther of the book??

27 Dec 2007 mohsen yadegari


26 Dec 2007 Ash Get

To: Bassem R.Mahafza

First of all thank you your contribution of my knowledge regarding to Radar design
But I can not run math lab. If you have few second (free time) please give me some hint related to the mathlab (RUN), example radar_eq. since the matlab software give, this….

??? Undefined command/function 'radar_eq'

02 Dec 2007 Tiger Tiger

Just copied the code from the book
Radar Systems Analysis and Design Using Matlab. So Stupid !!!!

21 Nov 2007 Titus Claisse

25 Oct 2007 Mark Takatz

planar_array_gui does not work. Good otherwise.

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12 Oct 2007 gogo chen

11 Oct 2007 Krishna Sharma Gollakota

I could not download the zip file. Can you please mail this zip file to my email id mentioned below..


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25 Sep 2007 kavitha narayanan


25 Aug 2007 Thien HQ

11 Aug 2007 jeff arndt

23 Jul 2007 Akrm Almangosh

thank you very much

16 Jul 2007 Nicolás Tronauta

Some RCS formular are Incorrect

09 Jul 2007 zun ma

matlab simulation for pulse-doppler radar
m-file programming

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03 Jun 2007 yousef holba

The exellent modern book for RADAR system

03 May 2007 Yajun Les

09 Apr 2007 reza kayvan

27 Mar 2007 maged etry

25 Feb 2007 ashrith kumar marpaka

Hello JIM.. Even I am looking for MATLAB codes for STAP for radars...

If u get the code or if anyone has the code please mail to me.... My mail ID:
waiting for ur reply....

09 Feb 2007 Jim Can


By the way, Is there anyone having the MATLAB codes for Space-Time Adaptive Processing (STAP)?


30 Jan 2007 davis aims


24 Jan 2007 Istvan Balajti

Dear Sir,

I have bought this very useful book:

B. R. Mahafza, A.Z. Elsherbeni: MATLAB Simulation for Radar System Design; Chapman, Hall/CRC,2004, but I have some difficulties in Chapter 11 equation 11.27 and its related program with figure 11.16a and 11.16b as its results.

If you check other RCS related books like Eugene F.Knott:"Radar Cross Section Measurements", pp.177-180. SciTech Publishing, Inc. Raleigh, NC 27615, 2006 or Skolnik you could see that the sphere peak value in figure 11.16a is only 2.8 dB instead of well known peak value of 5.82 dB. I think you missed a square in the equation and its related program.

Please check it and inform me on your findings.

I am looking for earliest replay

Have a nice day.

Mr. István Balajti

08 Dec 2006 Sun-Jun Ko

Good Simulation

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24 Nov 2006 Angel Cucho

I am very interested in digital processing of RF signal. Can you send me more information relate to this topic?

29 Oct 2006 Hengwei zhao

Very useful to me

25 Oct 2006 Roberto Sigismondi

very good work!

06 Jul 2006 andishe mostafavi


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28 Jun 2006 Hamid Reza Niknam

I am interested in radar and matlab simulatons

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23 Jun 2006 Jack Cao

17 Jun 2006 dahmani mohammed

thanks for your good work. I'm interesting in matlab and radar tracking.

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03 Jun 2006 Freddy Elizalde


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17 May 2006 Andisheh mostafavi

useful file!

Comment only
06 Apr 2006 punit w

29 Mar 2006 shlomi cohen

23 Mar 2006 Mikhail Rodkin

14 Jan 2006 venu kotha

07 Jan 2006 zulqefal noreen

very informative

20 Dec 2005 Christian Farfan

this file is very important for me
thank you

07 Dec 2005 arjun pokiharel

quite good

22 Nov 2005 Jawed Qumar

This book is excellent for Radar system design

20 Oct 2005 bi pu

thanks a lot!

08 Oct 2005 Raghu Ram

It was really very useful

17 Sep 2005 wael elfarra

02 Sep 2005 ashok kumar

exceelent codes for easy sar solutions

06 Jul 2005 Behzad Abasgholi

this file is really good. do u have any idea about STAP(Space-Time Adaptive Processing)?

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01 Jul 2005 Shashank Mutha

Is there any index to this list of programs.I have absolutely no idea about where to start.Any help will be appreciated.

Comment only

I am interested in collaboration.I am trying to learn something more about the Sar, but l need some help, please contact with me........,explaining those matlab program and more if it is possible
my mail is

10 May 2005 kadir scorpion

they are very good. I have written all the .m files in the 2nd edition of radar system design using matlab before using here :) can I find the solutions of the problems at the end of the radar crossection chapter ?

25 Apr 2005 Boris Marendic

Hello Dr. Mahafza (or I think this is you),

I am very glad I found this site. I have recently published a paper on phase unwrapping in SAR processing, and am trying to put together a simulator as a part of PhD thesis presentation. I have not yet had time to go through the files and to see how they work, but it is a great thing to see that someone is more inthusiastic about this area than myself



29 Mar 2005 Md. Zulhasnine

Hi, your work seems impressive to me. But I need some documents explaining those matlab program.

Best regds,

23 Nov 2004 Nasir Arafat

Sir !!! it is really an interesting & a new dimension in signal processing ,, i am also working on radar system particularly on the de-interleaving of radar pulses in an elint system ..kindly let me know if had down any work on this particular topic

21 Nov 2004 jian wang


25 Aug 2004 bassem sheta

i like ur work sir but donot u have further work on the SAR processing like the SAR raw data compression .Pls contact me if u have any information.

10 Aug 2004 Arun Khosla

Good Work

25 Jul 2004 Kisangiri Michael

I like your job

01 Jul 2004 yaping zhu

19 Feb 2004 apostolos apostolis

good job

03 Feb 2004 Abhishek Khetan

good job

08 Dec 2003 venkatesh rajkumar

i like this web which give more information regarding the things in the matlab.send more inforamtion in my mail

05 Dec 2003 GHULAM MEHDI

22 Nov 2003 sreekar mankala

This is one of the sophisticsted electronic computer tools

12 Oct 2003 Paul Acquah

13 Sep 2003 Saeed Attarzadeh

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