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LMMSE Equalizer

LMMSE Equalizer


Alex Dytso (view profile)


Implementation of LMMSE (linear minimum mean square error) Equalizer used to combat ISI

LMMSE(g,r,N0,N )
%Author: Alex Dytso
%Date: 12/19/2012
%Description: This function is an implemenation of the LMMS(linear minimum
%mean square error) that is used to combat ISI( intersymbol interference)
%in communication systems. 

function Xh = LMMSE(g,r,N0,N )

%g channel 
%r input signal after noise has been addded
%N0 is nois vairance
%N length of the sequeance 

%Computing z-transforms of impulse response
gDconjTimeInv=filt(conj(fliplr(g)),1); % frequency domain repersentatin of conjugate  time inverse of g[n]
gD=filt(g,1); % frequence representation of g[n]
f=gDconjTimeInv/(gD*gDconjTimeInv+N0); %LMMSE filter in frequence domain
[num,den]=tfdata(f,'v'); %extraction coefficient of denominator and numerator

Xh=filter(num,den,r); % filtering input signal r



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