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26 Dec 2012 (Updated )

Quantify the Area of synpatophysin staining after masking out the thioflavin staining.

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File Information

Image Quantification:
Subtract Thioflavin Stains from Synaptophysin
Author: Ricky Savjani, Angie Chiang,
Joanna L. Jankowsky
Created: 9/23/2012

1.) Save all images into same folder
2.) use a distinct flag for thioflavin for each thioflavin image
    (e.g. 'thio' in 'img_2_1_thio.tif')
2.) use a distinct flag for synaptophysin for each synaptophysin image
    (e.g. 'synapto' in 'img_2_1_synapto.tif')

Example Usage:

[outputMat] = SynaptophysinQuantification();

Input Prompts:
1.) Input image directory of all image files
2.) Output directory to save CSV file and all image files
3.) Thioflavin flag: A Flag to differentiate thioflavin images in the
input directory
4.) Synpatophysin flag: A Flag to differentiate thioflavin images in the
input directory

outputMat: outputMat is a 3 column cell matix:
Column 1: Name of Brain
Column 2: Mean Masked Intensity
Column 3: Percent Area staining positive for Synaptophysin
Also writes the outputMat to a CSV file called 'MaskedVals.csv'

Saves all the Synaptophysin Minus Thioflavin B&W Tiff images

Required Products Image Processing Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)
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27 Dec 2012 1.2

Updated cover photo to show stain.

28 Dec 2012 1.4

Updated author list and included website.

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