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Load ods. Import numbers from Open Document Spreadsheet

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Import data from .ods file into cell arrays.



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The function provides a simple method with which one can load the contents of open document spreadsheets into MATLAB. Allowing users to directly import files created by Open Office into MATLAB.

Provided with the filename of the spreadsheet the function will import the contents into a MATLAB cell array. The function handles the presence of multiple worksheets by allowing the user to specify a particular worksheet to import.

The function has not undergone rigorous testing, but it has worked for all of my needs. Also, I think a similar method may be implemented to allow one to export data from MATLAB into open document spreadsheets.
Based on Alex Marten methods.

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Quan Wang

Quan Wang (view profile)

Very helpful! Exactly what I need. It would be better if it can also load non-number contents.

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MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)

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