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Lightning Protection Circuit Design Tool for Avionics

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This tool performs the calculations to optimize the design of lightning protection circuits



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"Lightning Transient Suppression Circuit Design for Avionics Equipment" is an IEEE publication available at
This publication written by C. A. McCreary and B. A. Lail provides guidance for the design of avionics lightning protection circuits. This GUI allows the user to input the parameters of the transient for which they are designing protection and outputs the required information for component selection. The motivation for this GUI is to allow the selection of the smallest components that will tolerate the transient and provide adequate protection. Thus, the physical size of the interface assemblies housing the protection circuits can be minimized reducing the weight. This results in less fuel consumption.

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Return line impedance was not accounted for in the calculation of current, this change corrects this.


Corrected an error with Measured Voltage Peak.


Commented out "uiwait" in line 62 to eliminate a error that ocurred upon closing the GUI.

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MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)

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