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BerkeleyMadonna model import function for SimBiology

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Imports ODE models in the BerkeleyMadonna(TM) format into a SimBiology(R) model

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This function enables you to import systems of ODEs described using BerkeleyMadonna syntax into SimBiology. Just pass in the file name of the BerkeleyMadonna model and get the SimBiology model object as output.
Some elements of BerkeleyMadonna are not supported, however:
(i) difference equations
(ii) higher-order equations
(iii) ODEs in STELLA notation
(iv) if/then constructs and logical operators among others
Please check the code to see a complete listing of unsupported elements.

Step functions in the BerkeleyMadonna model are converted into equivalent SimBiology constructs (i.e., doses in the case of pulse, events and repeated assignments in the case of squarepulse and step).

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