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Traffic Warning Sign Recognition Matlab Code

version 1.1 (2.39 MB) by

Traffic Warning Sign Recognition Matlab Code using matlab demo from the matlab 7.5 in video processc



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raiyea (view profile)


Hi,could you please update the version 1.1 file to use,it seems the bug that if the video is changed it is still not working.Thanks

ziad alalaily

Just a small question, i am trying to use that same algorithm for live video feed, any help on that?
i can load the camera, but you algorithm requires number of frames and some extra stuff invoked by mov(k)
any help on that?
Thanks in advance


Carlo (view profile)

Someone can help me to understand if there's a file of results output or if it's possibile to create it?
I mean, i loaded an avi, i can recognize the traffic sign, but i need now to have a file (text file, excel file, db file, ecc...) with the indication that at the specific frame it was recognized stop signal for example.

Any idea?

syed umar

Error in running the code

syed umar

Good one

mayur tyagi

good one !

mayur tyagi

mayur tyagi

mayur tyagi

Yunas Qazi

anyone ?

Yunas Qazi

I have Matlab 2013 and got the following error.
Warning: MMREADER will be removed in a future release. Use VIDEOREADER instead.
> In mmreader.mmreader>mmreader.mmreader at 120
In main at 2
Error using main (line 2)
Failed to initialize internal resources.
I replaced it with VideoReader and got the following error.
Error using VideoReader/init (line 450)
Failed to initialize internal resources.

Error in VideoReader (line 147)

Error in main (line 2)
readerobj = VideoReader('Yield.avi');



There was a bug that if we change video is used its was not generalized now its quiet working fine

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b)

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