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A MATLAB Script for Calculating Greenwich Sidereal Time with NOVAS

  • anmp
  • ciobasthis function returns the orthonormal basis vectors, with
  • ciolocthis function returns the location of the celestial
  • eect2000equation of the equinoxes complementary terms, consistent with
  • eqxrathis function computes the intermediate right ascension
  • erotthis function returns the value of the earth rotation angle
  • etiltthis function computes quantities related to the orientation
  • framethis function transforms a vector from the dynamical reference
  • funargthis function computes fundamental arguments (mean elements)
  • gdateconvert Julian date to Gregorian (calendar) date
  • getdtthis entry returns the current value of delta-t
  • getmodthis function returns the 'mode' value, which
  • jd2str(jdate)convert Julian date to string equivalent
  • julianJulian date
  • nodthis function returns the values for nutation in longitude and
  • novas_timesthis function computes the terrestrial time (tt) julian date
  • nut2000anutation based on iau 2000a theory
  • nut2000knutation based on the iau 2000k theory
  • nutatethis function nutates equatorial rectangular coordinates from
  • obliq(t)function to compute mean obliquity of the ecliptic in arcseconds
  • precesthis function precesses equatorial rectangular coordinates from
  • setdtthis function allows for the specification of the delta-t value
  • setmodthis function allows the user to specify the 'mode' value,
  • sidtimthis function computes the greenwich sidereal time
  • times_novasthis function computes the terrestrial time (tt) julian date
  • demo_sidtim.m
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A MATLAB Script for Calculating Greenwich Sidereal Time with NOVAS


David Eagle (view profile)


MATLAB script named demo_sidtim.m and support functions for computing Greenwich sidereal time.

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File Information

MATLAB script and support functions that can be used to compute mean or apparent Greenwich sidereal time using MATLAB versions of the NOVAS software suite. Implements four possible computation modes (CIO and equinox-based; low and high accuracy). The script is "hard-wired" with an example from NOVAS.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)
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