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PID control of identitified two tank system

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PID control of identitified two tank system



This example includes identification of two tank system with sysid tool and its PID control.

load twotankdata

Ts = 0.2; % Sampling interval is 0.2 sec
z = iddata(y,u,Ts);
% First 1000 samples used for estimation
ze = z(1:1000);
% Remaining samples used for validation
zv = z(1001:3000);

% Set time units to minutes
ze.TimeUnit = 'sec';
% Set names of input channels
ze.InputName = 'Voltage';
% Set units for input variables
ze.InputUnit = 'V';
% Set name of output channel
ze.OutputName = 'Height';
% Set unit of output channel
ze.OutputUnit = 'm';

% Set validation data properties
zv.TimeUnit = 'sec';
zv.InputName = 'Voltage';
zv.InputUnit = 'V';
zv.OutputName = 'Height';
zv.OutputUnit = 'm';


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