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Runge Kutta DAE solver

Runge Kutta DAE solver



15 Jan 2013 (Updated )

Differential algebraic systems can be solved with an adapted Runge Kutta method.

getFex(y, para)
function [fAndg] = getFex(y, para)
%getFex Easy access to the evaluation of the li,ki of the user function
% (meaning f and g of the rungekutta scheme).
%INPUT  vector  y     Flat solution of the newton algorithm.
%       struct  para  Internal rungekutta parameter.
%OUTPUT matrix f    fAndg(i,idxFlatDynamic) = f(li,ki),
%                   fAndg(i,idxFlatAlgebraic) = g(li, ki).
%AUTHOR Stefan Schie├čl
%DATE   13.08.2012

    fex = para.fex;
    cE = para.countEquations;
    cP = para.countPoints;
    cEP = para.countEquationsTimesPoints; 
    s = para.s;
    % Precalculate f for every ki, li
    fAndg = zeros(s, cEP);
    for i=1:s
        tmpfex = fex(reshape(y((i-1)*cEP+1:i*cEP), cE, cP));
        fAndg(i,:) = tmpfex(:);

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