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Working with Time-Series Data in MATLAB

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Working with Time-Series Data in MATLAB


Abhaya (view profile)


29 Jan 2013 (Updated )

These are the example files for the webinar: "Working with Time-Series Data in MATLAB".

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A key challenge with the growing volume of measured data in the energy sector is the preparation of the data for analysis. This challenge comes from data being stored in multiple locations, in multiple formats, and with multiple sampling rates. This demonstration considers the collection of time-series data sets from multiple sources including Excel files, SQL databases, and data historians. Techniques for preprocessing the data sets are shown, including synchronizing the data sets to a common time reference, assessing data quality, and dealing with bad data. It is then shown how subsets of the data can be extracted to simplify further analysis.

Required Products Curve Fitting Toolbox
Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox
System Identification Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)
Other requirements SQL database server if you want to load data from a database
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Comments and Ratings (9)
01 Feb 2016 Yoshi Watanabe

29 Jan 2015 Sudheer Vazrapu

Hey.. How to import the SQL database into the matlab?

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19 May 2014 Aubai

Aubai (view profile)

Undefined function 'fetch' for input arguments of type 'struct'.

Error in importPMUdata (line 14)
curs = fetch(curs);

Error in working_with_time_series_data (line 36)

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05 Jan 2014 Abhaya

Abhaya (view profile)

Hi Jie,

Where did the error occur? I can help you fix it.


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30 Dec 2013 Jie

Jie (view profile)

error occurs

29 Sep 2013 Mike Shen

20 Feb 2013 Per

Per (view profile)

There are lots of interesting commands to copy. It provides good examples of how to handle and analyze time series.

06 Feb 2013 Abhaya

Abhaya (view profile)

Hi Matthew, yes curve fitting toolbox is required. I apologise for not including it in the list.

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29 Jan 2013 Matthew

Curve fitting toolbox required!

25 Nov 2013 1.2

Added copyright information

01 Sep 2016

Updated license

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