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Axis context menu for toggling X/Y scale and limits

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Adds a special context menu to the axis that helps toggling the scale and limits of the axes.

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Adds scale (linear / log) and axis limit (auto / manual) toggling as a special contextmenu of the axis (not the regular uicontextmenu of the axes).



Important: This function relies on the uiaxiscontextmenu by Lior Cohen.
It can be downloaded from
Please make sure it is in the Matlab path or in your working directory

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I have been using this extremely useful code for setting axis properties via a context menu. However, I recently migrated from Windows to a Mac and for some reason, the X/Y axis context menus just doesn’t work anymore. I can set a context menu for an axes or line object manually and it works fine, but the YUIContextMenu and XUIContextMenu set by this code don’t seem to work. If you have any ideas for a solution, I would be most appreciative!

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

Inspired by: Axis Context Menu

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