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This GUI application makes possible to schedule a set of tasks using classical scheduling protocol.



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This GUI application makes possible to schedule a set of tasks using classical scheduling protocol (such as RMS EDF DMS LST Round-Robin...). It calculates also scheduling related measurements ( Utilization, Density ...). Moreover, sporadic and aperiodic jobs can also be schedule using either sporadic server or aperiodic server. Finally the schedule obtains after calculation can be displayed together with the evolution of the budget, the slack of the tasks over time and the time demand analysis when available.

To use the application, you just have to extract the files in the folder of your choice, and then to run the file 'TaskScheduler.m'. Additional information is available with the 'Help' button on the GUI.

This work has been done by Vincent Changala (ex-master student of KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)) to model and to choose in a more comfortable manner a scheduling when designing real-time embedded software for instance. It can be seen as a practical application of the course "Embedded Software" given in KTH by the researcher Ingo Sander(

The software is in a beta release and may contain some bugs.

Known bugs:
- The context switch time may introduce strange behaviors when used with aperiodic or sporadic server.
- A task cannot be a sporadic server and an aperiodic server.
- A minimum of two tasks is required to calculate a scheduling.
- The "Step Adviced" variable does not take into account aperiodic and sporadic related variables. Please use a step value that is lower than all the other variables and every variable must be divisible by the step value.

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Zafer Esen

Nice tool, thanks for sharing!

Nice design and implementation :)

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