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Prepare svm datasets for multi svm

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Prepare Training set, Test set and Train groups(labels) for multisvm



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please note that this function will give test set and training set images separately as a output and will convert images to grayscale.
This function will take four input variables and will give three output variables, which are as follows:
Input : TrainingSet_location, No_Testset,width, height
Output : Train_Set,Test_Set,train_label

TrainingSet_location : Only o/p of function DirRead is accepted or an array of locations
No_Testset : No of testset images per class.
width, height are resize parameters of images.

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Roshni rahul

sir i have to train face images and classify basic 6 expression.i have prepared svm_dataset for multiclass svm but the following errors are shown when im giving this output as the input to

Error using svmtrain (line 241)
TRAINING must be a numeric matrix.

can u please help me to solve this problem



No of training sets can be given now along with the no of test set

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)

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